How is it different from social networks?

My classmate asked me to answer the question “How is different from facebook and quora?” but i was surprised at this question and when some one asked the same question again, I was baffled. There are number of sites which looks a lot like facebook. Quora wth its feed, other features looks almost similar to Facebook but is Quora a competitor to Facebook? No, in Quora I ask question or i give my knowledge, in Facebook I keep tab on someone, automatically update myself on the status of friends without even talking with them. So, what is Submify? Hmm in Submify I submit an interesting link i saw on the internet and I get interesting links on the internet.

How is it different from reddit?

I was expecting this question from redditors. There is a big difference between reddit and submify, bigger than facebook and twitter! . I will give some basic difference between reddit and submify.   It is better if you make out the difference by yourself by visiting the site and these are just differences not features. Reddit is an awesome site :)

  • Link in submify gets submitted only once, looking at a link it can be said where (topics) all the links has been submitted and by who all. 
  • Say i submit a youtube url in the topic “iPhone”, it would reach the people who follow the topic “iPhone” and they would start a discussion. Now when someone else submit the same link under “Apple”, the Apple communtiy will start a discussion on the same link. In reddit it is two different post with comments split in two different pages under sub-reddits but in Submify it is under a single link with all the discussions in one place.
  • Social layer, no pseudonyms you use your fb name and profile pic in submify.
  • Posts under topics is not controlled by moderators unlike sub-reddits.

How is it different from getprismatic, kippt, hopflow, …etc? :

Getprismatic serves content based on your interest, in submify its like facebook you create and receive content.. And submify is different from other link sharing sites which has topics with its unique link in each topic, to know more difference please give it a try :)

What motivated me.

I share lot of things in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, primarily I share links and so does most other people.  I share a lot about technology that is the reason i am active in Google+ (but not for some weeks due to this development) as most of my followers are tech related but I don’t  share the same post in Facebook as it is a place to express about oneself or one’s life events etc. So, I wanted an exclusive network only for links . Like a dashboard of web, I should see links based on want I like.

Why you should use

  • Have you ever thought of “What if someone had told me this before i did this” or something like “What if i knew if i could do like this”. I always feel this way and that is the reason i shamelessly share links in social networks or groups thinking it would help someone. I do know there are many people like me who wants to share what they read or saw on the internet on everyday.
  • Lets say you are interested in photography and you would Google everyday with some weird search terms, what if the search results always appeared in the home page without Googling and without the need to remember to Google everyday. Just follow the topic “Photography” and share interesting links under it and receive links under it.
  • If you are a content maker, made a blog or article, you could share that with appropriate topics community and even could learn in which community it is getting more acceptance based on the votes in a single page.

What’s so great about link sharing website?

If you knew about Hacker News or even read this you will not be asking me why i never sat for placements and worked on this. So, logically link sharing websites both niche and general have proved quite useful for many which means will benefit internet power users who either read or share a lot in the web. 

This is just a Step 0 in making a website which will be a dashboard of the whole web and its people! 

Myth buster:

The | Submify does not serve you content based on your interest like getprismatic, you seek and get content. might sound similar to my site with topics and links posted but there is a big  difference, the topics are not under one person and each link is unique that it will get submitted only once in a topic and the link can be submitted in different topics by going to the page(by clicking comments) just like quora. yeah, i shamelessly copied the concept where question can be added under topics by anyone into my website as link which can be shared under any topic and link remains unique.

And if you are reading this, do checkout | Submify by noob-hacker, make sure you sign up and give me your thoughts, comments after looking at all my works without dismissing it as some clone of reddit or hopflow or kippt. :)  If you ask me what is that i am trying to do, i would say i am creating an index of web with the help of people to rival Google and make Google work even harder :) Sounds stupid, right? No!, I am not saying i am going  to come up with some hybrid of Google graph and Facebook graph search :P I am fully aware how awesome Google is and that its rival with double the work force finds it difficult to give it a competition. I am just saying I would want to reduce the number of times one visits Google, meaning content should reach him before one wants.

Example: I will take Robert Scoble as an example(I just like this guy :)), his primary activity is finding and talking about startups, so he follows some 30000 people in twitter, 5000+ people in Google+ and Facebook to see what is there relevant to startup. But is he getting only posts or tweets related to startups? he will just get every personal, political thoughts unnecessary from entrepreneurs. So, how to solve? just by following the topic “startups” he would get blogs, articles or even ShowHN like links in submify, no more cat photos by entrepreneur :D What is there in submify which other link sharing website topic does not? Hmm, the links are unique, which makes it like a web directory, you can see which topic tag for the link got more votes and when a link is shared the discussion remains intact. I may be ambitious, but  let me just tell you, if there are 20 people following topic A and 20 people following topic B and link gets tagged with topic A,topic B then it would reach both the topic followers resulting in discussion greater than the actual parent link.

Tired of social media related apps, please build something useful like Tesla car or internet of things or Big data related products: 


This is the thought that often comes to my mind after creating my app(What is the best thing you saw on the Internet today?. Lets go..) . Yeah, Tesla Car or Internet of things or Big Data Analysis are absolutely disruptive and would take science and technology to the next level. And why should i  make a social media app? Is this millionth app which has user making/receiving the content? Why should i make this millionth app, for heaven sake why another web application, the World Wide Web has enough social media related apps, please get a life to build something which is really useful.

These thoughts get aggravated when i see or read more about the so called “disruptive” technologies and would lose hope, would think of a suitable time to make a Facebook status update of 

I tried, if i had succeeded it would have been my first startup but now it is my first try.

I am just too imaginative :) 

So what is my point?

  • Yeah it is a billionth web application.
But web needs more applications, but what do we have? Almost 90% of apps are made by someone in US? Ooh! we need more, more!
  • Yeah, it is a millionth social media type app.
I wont say we need more, it won’t hurt if we have an innovative or better social media app, remember Google had 10+ search engines before it was launched? , remember there was MySpace, Orkut(for those in India) before Facebook? and we do need better apps.

So what is that i got new ?:
Look at your Twitter/Google+(if you use it regularly)  feed, what do you see? Do you see most of the posts are some links which the person found it useful or worthy enough to share? 
  • Do you wish you have some search terms that you could Google often and read stuff in internet?
  • Do you wish that you should share the links/web content you read with the people who need it ?
I don’t know if you could visualize what i am saying, so again a small example to make you understand.
Do you see Facebook app activity related with web? eg. Vysakh liked this link or Vysakh recommended this link or Vysakh commented on this link etc?  I am just doing that into my app, simple!  Why should i make a dedicated app similar to Facebook app activity related with web? because Facebook is for fun, insanity, stupidity and not to continuously keep telling people(who wants to know about your personal life or your thoughts) what you are doing in the web.

Submify will be a place where it is normal to share links and the web activity, coz it is the app you want to use if you do not have any search terms to Google :)

 I might be ambitious and i am a guy who is not part of silicon valley, and not even closer to place where Paul Graham or Dave McClure lives or roams in or even has the least possibility of getting Techcrunched :) But life is just unbelievable, i was not a guy what i was last year and Submify may not be the same “amateurish” product next year :) Will you help me in making Google a next Alta vista ;) ? :)

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